Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sparky Whines

Sparky writes it is hard to post now since I broke my right arm and can use only my left. So now I use the hunt and peck method which is much time consuming. I am not complaining or whining all though this may sound like it. I know it could have been a lot worse and there are people who are in a far more difficult situation than I find my self in. I am giving the good Lord the credit for watching out for me and keeping me from breaking my neck. I have discovered that when I do something stupid it effects not only my self but my loved ones ,family and friends. Since I broke my arm I can no longer even feed my best friend Bonnie but my wife now has to among dozens of other chores which were my responsibility.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bonnie is now upset with Sparky because he won't take her for a walk or play. It seems that Sparky was trimming a maple tree in his front yard and fell off a ladder and broke his right arm. Sparky was working on removing the tree because it causes such a mess with it's seed pods and leaves. But as Sparky seems to always do he got carried away in stead of waiting for his brothers help he fell about ten feet while cutting on a large branch with a chain saw. He landed on his back on several chunks of wood knocking his wind out and breaking his right arm by his elbow. Now not only is Bonnie mad so is Sparky's wife.