Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sparky's wife and Jake

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This is Sparky and Jake out camping this past summer. Sparky, Diane and Jake spent a week up in the mountains just relaxing by a little river. Relaxing is what Sparky does best. Every time Jake would see some one walking by he would bark his little head off til they were gone out of sight it made Sparky's wife upset with Jake. Sparky went hiking every day which keep him from putting on a lot of weight from all his relaxing. It was a very enjoyable experience which Sparky has determined that he will do much more of. The weather was beautiful during the day but a tad cold at night.
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Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is Jake he belongs to Sparkys wife he is a dachshund. Jake is spoiled he lives inside Sparkys house and has his own door so he can go in and out when ever he pleases. He has the run of the house and has his own toys which he keeps in his toy box. He even has a king size bed to sleep on at night and several smaller beds to take naps on during the day. He likes toys that make a noise when he chews them. If he finds some paper on the floor he loves to make little pieces out of it and leave them laying all over. This is one of his baby pictures Jake is full grown now in fact he is a little on the heavy side for a dog his size so you can tell he likes to eat. Jake likes to chase cars when some one drives away from Sparkys house he will run out the door and bark and run up and down the fence. Sparky doesn't know what he would do if he could catch one. Jake loves people especially ladies and grand children. One of Jake's favorite things to do is chase birds he will run outside and chase them from bush to bush in Sparkys yard. The birds love it too and they will tease Jake and fly from bush to bush keeping just ahead of him. Sparkys wife doesn't like this so much because she thinks the noise will bother the neighbors. One thing Jake dose that is unique is if some one leaves a sock laying around on the floor he will take it outside and bury it we don't know why but if one of the grand children ever has a missing sock you can be assured Jake has buried it in the back yard.
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Friday, January 23, 2009


This is Bonnie the dog Sparky belongs to her. Bonnie is very intelligent she is much more intelligent then Sparky. Bonnie is not very humble she knows she is a lot more intelligent then Sparky. On most days Bonnie takes Sparky for a jog down her road she loves to make Sparky tired. She takes her run with Sparky early in the morning she likes to be out early. This pictures shows Bonnie with white frost in her fur it was very cold when she had Sparky take this picture.
Posted by PicasaBonnie all so likes to bark especially at night which makes Sparky's wife upset at Sparky. She all so barks when Sparky is late preparing her food but most the time she is happy just being in charge of Sparky. Bonnie has been trying to teach Sparky to learn her new tricks but Sparky is a very slow learner and also terribly lazy, but she has had some success and they are jumping through hoops, laying down,sitting,fetching,catching a ball,shaking hands,coming,rolling over and opening gates. Bonnie hasn't given up and is very patient even if she doesn't have much to work with in Sparky.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can you locate Sparky in this photo taken in Okinawa in 1963 ? Sparky was a field radio operator assigned to the Communications Platoon in Headquarters and Service company of the Third Battalion Third Marine Regiment Third Marine Division Fleet Marine Force. stationed at Camp Schwab Okinawa. While in Okinawa Sparky was trained in jungle warfare.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sparks dad hired some electricians to wire the farm which sparked Sparks interest in electricity they had to wire the house and barn and out buildings they even put a pole out between the house and the barn with a yard light on it which was able to be turned on and off from either the house or the barn amazing to the young Sparky. The first time Sparky came close to the power of electricity he was playing in the barn and there was these brand new metal shiny outlet boxes with little holes in them just large enough to stick a nail through which young Sparky could not resist. The sparks flew and the fuse blew and the lights didn't come on after that. Sparky was terrified he knew his dad would be unhappy but some how his dad knew that he was just a curious boy that met no harm.

Sparky Begins

Sparky says welcome to his blog. Sparky is a retired electrician who first became interested in electricity when he was a small child living on the farm. Spark's farm did not have any electricity just a wood stove for heat and another wood stove in the kitchen to cook with. Spark's farm did not even have power poles running pass the property. But in 1949 when sparky was seven his dad was able to convince the power company to extend the power line another half mile to his farm.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To blog or not to Blog? That is a question any way I am just getting started we will see how it goes..