Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's where would we be without mothers. I can only wonder what the world would be like without their influence in all our lives. First of all they give us life by bringing us into the world. Most of us come into the world head first a few like my self come here feet first I don't know if I wanted to test things out first and if I didn't care for it I could chose to stay in that nice warm and comfortable place a little longer or not. Something like testing the old swimming hole with your toes to see if the water is warm enough to swim I just don't know. I think that must have been a little hard on my mother which I hope she forgave me for. I think she did because she was a loving and caring mother who all ready had three other children she was caring for at the time. I was a war baby born in the second world war at a time when America did not know for sure it could win fighting two world powers. When I was born even sugar was being rationed so the troops would have enough of what they needed. Having one more mouth to feed my family was given another ration of sugar because of me. I hope that helped a little. Mother's are the glue that holds families together they teach us all most every thing we learn in those early years. They feed us, dress us, care for us when we are sick and punish us when we miss behave. So we need to honor them from the bottom of our heart not only with words but our actions.

Now if your mother is still alive remember her on her special day call her, write her a letter, a card and show and tell her you love her. If she has passed on you can honor her by being the person she would be proud of.
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